ZONE is a game currently in development. There is no date set for its release. It's a passion project being worked on by one developer. The game itself is a real world mix of strategy, role play, and treasure hunt that takes place in the real world. Played on your mobile device each player may engage in virtual combat, as a soldier or as a healer, with the objective of establishing your own zones which you or your team/alliance control. Your zone may be challenged, or you may merge your zones with other zones to form larger more powerful zones. Zones may have their own economies, and customs, it's up to the group to decide.

Lone wolf players may enjoy treasure hunting, and at the same time seeding the world with treasure, setting up trading posts, act as mercenaries or as healers when a party is in need.

This is an ambitious game. The entire world is the map, there are no NPCs, it's up to the players in the game to make the world.