Fancy Or Not Fancy? How Much Is Good Enough?

I started working on some of the user interface elements for screens like player profile and pockets. These screens are utilitarian and shouldn't be overly designed with clever design elements, even though in my previous life I was a graphic designer, and the urge to go full bore design freak on these screens is a thing, the real battle is to get something up and working.

What is good enough?

Unity is forcing my hand a bit in that I haven't fully grasped a lot of the concepts that you need in order to fully execute designs, and do I want to spend time on making buttons round? Or do I want to spend time building out the actual game and having rectangular buttons be good enough?

Unity's UI elements are a bit confusing, so this first version is going to be pretty utilitarian in design. I'm convinced that design will just have to take a back seat, yes, it will be clean and functional and consistent, but it will lack some of the polish and fanciness that I would ultimately prefer.