Debugging Unity with VS Code: Not So Straight Forward

I'm used to my cozy little java world. If i need to run a debugger, i just fire it up, run PlayFramework (it's all i use now days for Java projects), start up intellij, set a breakpoint in my code, attach it to the java debugger process and step right through whatever I need.

In theory, it's like this with Unity and VS Code (I think). But nope, it's not. Setting breakpoints in VS Code is a bit of a mystery, and attaching that to some Unity process (the player) is totally baffling.

There will be a lot more searching ahead to get this figured, and more on this (slightly? annoying?) topic.

Oh yeah, have to do this because for some reason the C# Gamespark API is not working, at all. It's like the AuthenticationRequest API isn't even invoked, so the fine support engineers are asking me to debug, dump out logs for them. The trick for me is, how do you debug!?!